Re: [gnome-desktop-testing] A couple of comments


> Tis conversation makes me think that there isn't a clear difference in 
> the framework about what is a test suite and what is an application. In 
> fact, the test suites are being implemented as application classes. 
> Maybe we could define some kind of main TestSuite class to make it 
> clearer what are the attributes and methods of a test suite (i.e. setup 
> and teardown) and make the test suite inherit from that main TestSuite 
> class and contain one application object instead of making the test 
> suites inherit  from an application class. What do you think about this 
> change in the class structure?

I like it, but I would like to favor the scenario where a TestSuite
contains several applications, not just one.

I still believe that a regression suite is just a type of test suite,
but I agree that the current implementation does not allow it.


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