Re: [gnome-desktop-testing] A couple of comments

Hello Javier,

Thanks for your comments. Some replies below.

> In addition to this, the exit method maybe should be renamed to close
> because it seems its aim is to perform the opposite as open so the API
> will look more coherent if we use antonyms for these method names.

Both changes seem reasonable.

> - xml file format: As some of you know, I would prefer to write the
> whole information regarding test suites and test cases in the source
> files instead of in separate xml files to have all the information in
> one place. 
Reason behind the XML file is to be able to parse different arguments to
test case, without having to duplicate code.

Also, people could contribute with XML files, if they don't know how to
code. (with strange arguments causing failures, i.e.)

>  For example, I have been
> thinking in adding a way to define a whole regression in one xml file.
> That change will only need the ability to add multiple suites to the
> same xml file, that is, instead of:
> <suite>
> ...
> </suite>

This should be covered by the concept of suite. We might need to change
OUR concept of suite to be able to cover several applications, as a test
suite is just a collection of test cases.

A regression is just a kind of test suite. Am I wrong?


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