Re: Reminder: action required when updating dependencies or build options

On Thu, Jan 14, 2021 at 5:13 pm, Jordan Petridis <jordan alatiera com> wrote:
There's also c) include a temporary patch in gnome-build-meta till the MR is merged, though git will complain about the patch being already applied once merged and break
the build.

There's also d) pin the module to your branch/fork of the MR which fixes the build, and open an issue against build-meta with a due date in 2 days or so to remove it and
so its not forgotten.

Strategy (d) seems safer. Anyway yeah, both are possible, with some small additional effort. I don't want to do the small additional effort, though. :P Fixing build failures is already no fun at all. If someone else wants to handle things differently, that's fine by me, so long as I don't have to....

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