Re: Reminder: action required when updating dependencies or build options

On Wed, 2021-01-13 at 15:15 -0600, Michael Catanzaro wrote:
 > And similar behaviour over the years where you seemed to be under
 > impression that I was the only person in GNOME that felt that
 > reviewed patches and CI-gated merge requests were a requirement.
 > Until the main development branch is protected and it's not
 > push directly there, I don't see myself being interested in
 > contributing to modules where I filled the maintainer gap.

This is disappointing. If you restrict commits, please let release
know, because we have a rule that we only build modules from git
if we can commit to them to fix build failures. We would just need to
switch your modules to build from tarball instead. Building core 
software from tarball instead of git would reduce the value of GNOME
and the master runtime for everyone, but it is an option.

Given that you’ve just committed to submitting MRs and waiting for CI
to pass, rather than pushing directly to master, perhaps this rule
should be rethought?


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