Re: GitLab migration: Thursday, March 26, starting 23 CET

On 26/03/2020 14.37, Michael Catanzaro wrote:
On Thu, Mar 26, 2020 at 10:59 am, Milan Crha via desktop-devel-list
<desktop-devel-list gnome org> wrote:
I also moved to release on
Friday, instead of Monday (weekend is out of question here),

Tarballs are always due on Saturday. We don't have Monday deadlines

I agree the timing is pretty unfortunate. I guess releasing today,
before the downtime, would be advisable, but there should still be
plenty of time to do so afterwards on Friday or Saturday if everything
goes as planned. If something goes unexpectedly wrong, we'll just have
to delay I guess.

As this is the last machine left to migrate, there is a very little
chance of anything going wrong. If we were to trust optimistic
estimates, GitLab will be back before 10 AM CET as remaining steps are
straightforward after the data is here – which is why the data is moved
overnight from Europe's perspective.

If Murphy's Law strikes again, the migration will be rescheduled for
another night.


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