Re: Matrix IRC bridge considered harmful

On 2/12/20 3:32 PM, Britt Yazel wrote:
Can you explain to me what the big issue with web clients are? I keep
hearing over and over again that developers don't want to use web
clients, either in browser or with Electron, but I don't recall ever
hearing a "why" in there.

I'll repeat what I told you last month.

I don't want a browser open when I work, yet I need to collaborate with
other GNOME developers on code and platform issues. I keep Builder open,
a terminal, and IRC. That's it.

For those of our community with ADHD and similar neuro-divergence, this
can be a necessity to get things done. The only way I get through my
todo list is to reduce all possibilities for distraction.

I suspect you wont get many people telling you that though, because to
do so requires a level of emotional labor to share with the world their
medical history.

-- Christian

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