Building nightly flatpak apps in the CI

Dear GNOME developers,

we currently have a collection of apps that are continuously being built [1] and published to We'd like to move this to the CI of individual apps so that maintainers are aware of build failures as they occur, and to free up some
resources of our infrastructure.

Starting today, the repositories on are considered deprecated, and should disapear soon. (We'll be keeping it at least until 3.35.1 is released). The new home for nightly flatpak builds of apps is The repository currently contains the runtimes and a single app, Epiphany.

For users, no configuration changes are needed. The gnome-nightly repository has been redirected, the flatpak remote should be updated automatically. You only need to reinstall apps from the gnome-nightly repository as they become available there.
You can find the flatpakref files here [2].

The transition should be very easy if you're already following the DevOps with flatpak initiative [3] using the CI templates. The guide has been updated to
reflect the latest changes.

Please make sure your master branch is protected so you can use the secret token defined on the GNOME group in gitlab. If your app isn't in the GNOME group and you would like to publish the nightlies, please contact us on #release-team on IRC,
and we'll work something out.

If you would like to use different build flags, or a different application id between the nightly build and the MR review builds, you can do so by using a template for the common variables, and a different job between master and
non-master branches. See [4] for an example.

If you use a different branch name for your main developement branch
(e.g. mainline), you also need to rewrite the only clause in the nightly job. [5]

This builds only for x86_64 for now. i386 builds are going to be dropped, and ARM builds will need to be added later once we have an ARM CI runner we can use for apps.

If you need help, please contact me or alatiera on IRC (you can find us on
#gnome-hackers or #release-team).

[4] [5]

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