Re: GNOME 3.34 released

On 9/13/19 8:18 AM, Andre Klapper wrote:
On Fri, 2019-09-13 at 04:56 -0500, Ty Young wrote:
In terms of features, this has to be one of the biggest Gnome releases
in years. Looking forward to using it when Arch Linux decides to release
it in full... they keep breaking it up into segmented updates for some
reason resulting in all sorts of breakage and mismatching between the
old and new versions. Has anyone talked to them about that?
Personally I'd say that it's up to distributions how distributions
package and ship components, and up to users of distributions to
discuss packaging improvements with packagers of the distribution.

And then you have users reporting false bugs either because of component mismatching and/or distros not updating at all.

Bit of a problem however... A background image that I used was removed
in this version and there isn't any fallback logic to reset the
background image. Can this maybe be fixed in the first point release so
it never happens again please? Pure white desktop backgrounds aren't
very pleasant to look at...
Feel free to file a bug report with clear steps to reproduce and
version information in - thanks!

Looks like someone already did and submitted a patch. That was fast...

I don't get why the image was even removed. It had existed in Gnome for years but now all of a sudden it's gone?

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