Re: Building nightly flatpak apps in the CI

Hi again,

On ر, سبتمبر 18, 2019 at 2:21 م, Abderrahim Kitouni <akitouni gnome org> wrote:
The transition should be very easy if you're already following the DevOps with flatpak initiative [3] using the CI templates. The guide has been updated to
reflect the latest changes.

Here are a couple examples on what needs to be changed (see the individual commits)

If you would like to use different build flags, or a different application id between the nightly build and the MR review builds, you can do so by using a template for the common variables, and a different job between master and
non-master branches. See [4] for an example.

It has been brought to my attention that we don't have a clear policy on how to use application ids and application names between different builds.

Some apps use Devel as a suffix to the app-id, some separating it with a dot, and some not. Some use (Nightly) or (Developement) as either a prefix or suffix to the app name.

It would be nice to agree on a convention and apply it, especially now that we're going to modify all apps.


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