Re: I believe we should reconsider our sys-tray removal

On Mon, 2019-03-25 at 10:21 -0400, Pat Suwalski wrote:

Is that a joke? On a default gnome install on any modern screen,
only about 25% of the top bar contains any information at all. It
can't be "the most important real estate" and be so underutilized. 

It really can. One stated goal for GNOME 3 was to provide a distraction
free environment to work in. If you expose too much information you'll
add distraction while diluting the information actually provided.

That said, notification icons are literally the most useful
information points for the many applications I have running in the
background. So they deserve prominent placement.

This is rather anecdotal and hard (for the GNOME developers) to act on.
It would be more interesting to know what problems you have with the
current notification system.

You think "application developers simply cannot live without their 
application icons being visible at all times"? That's why Windows
lets you hide them. Problem solved. Like, since XP in 2001.

I think what they did to the notification bar in Windows XP is pretty
weak to be honest. Closer to worst-of-both-worlds than to a solution in
my perspective.


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