Re: System-wide dark mode

On Wed, 2019-06-05 at 23:14 +0500, Alexander via desktop-devel-list
Since WebKit supports Apple's dark mode now, I wonder if mail
clients (and also Devhelp/Builder) will be able to provide styles for
dark mode with that.

from one of the mail application point of view (being it Evolution
here), the problem with HTML mails is that some clients did/do generate
HTML where they declare only text color, but no background color, and
bet the text color is black. Black text color on a dark theme
background is not ideal for reading, thus the HTML mails are set to use
white background by default. When you count all the (not only) CSS
tricks and various elements it's not that easy to change the color of
the text in an HTML code generated by "random" mail client. I know it's
awful and bad for eyes in the dark theme, but there was not found
anything better.

Plain text messages are different, there's no formatting, thus the
user's theme is respected with them.

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