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Hi Joanne;

the switch to Meson for various libraries broke the expectations of library-web, which is used to populate The scripts expect the HTML for the API reference to be in the release tarballs, but that’s not the case for Meson-generated dist archives.

GTK and GLib use a separate location to manually upload documentation tarballs; this needs configuration changes in library-web, and manual documentation generation on the maintainers side.

Given the state of library-web’s maintenance and resources, I’m actually trying to figure out a way to use Gitlab’s CI to build the documentation and put it somewhere else; I still have to investigate how to achieve this on the GNOME infrastructure. In the meantime, you could check in the Infrastructure/library-web repository for the configuration changes needed to use an external tarball for the documentation, and open a merge request to enable it for ATK and other libraries.


On Fri, 15 Feb 2019 at 19:53, Joanmarie Diggs <jdiggs igalia com> wrote:
Hey guys.

I was about to file a bug against a browser asking them to implement
some new ATK API, but that API isn't showing up on
Furthermore, looking at, I see the
latest version is 2.28.1 even though 2.31.90 was released two weeks ago.

The AT-SPI2 docs are similarly out of date:

And now that I look, I've added documentation to Orca that's not showing
up on

So.... Did we accessibility folks miss a memo somewhere and need to be
doing things differently?

Thanks in advance, and apologies if there is need something we should
have known but didn't.

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