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It seems that valgrind.h was updated from Valgrind upstream, which means that the original patch I had for it need to be reinstated as x64 MSVC does not allow inline assembly code, which I pushed last night, so the code should now build on x64 MSVC.


Note that 32-bit builds do work without changes need.


With blessings, and cheers!


Hope this helps.


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Le mercredi 23 mai 2018 à 22:02 +0200, Christoph Reiter a écrit :

> > One big item missing in this list is MSVC. Since we already have a

> > Windows VM that does MSYS2 CI, is it possible to setup msvc on that

> > one

> > too, or does it require a VisualStudio licence, or something?


> For the license, gvsbuild [0] builds on appveyor which uses the

> community edition, so I think you can get by without a license.

> For the MSYS2 CI, the server is a bit low on disk space (10-15GB of

> 40GB left) as I went for the cheaper one, and I don't want to push it

> to the limit really.

> But if someone knows how to build glib+deps with msvc and wants to

> collaborate feel free to contact me.


> [0]


I gave a quick try in my Windows10 VM. You can install VisualStudio

community for free. At install I checked only "Desktop development with

C++" it takes about 3G of disk space.


Once installed, open the "x64 Native Tool ..." there I already had

python and git working. So "pip install meson", "git clone https://gitl", also you need to download ninja prebuilt

it's just 1 executable you can put anywhere in your path. Then

" _build" and that's it, all deps are built from subprojects.


Here build failed with this error:

[115/514] Compiling C object glib/glib@@glib-2.0@sha/gslice.c.obj.

FAILED: glib/glib@@glib-2.0@sha/gslice.c.obj

cl @glib/glib@@glib-2.0@sha/gslice.c.obj.rsp

c:\users\xavier claessens\glib\glib\valgrind.h(463): fatal error C1189:

#error:  Unsupported compiler.


So work will be needed to make it actually work, but I don't think

that's going to be anything big. Having a CI doing that would

definitely help.



Xavier Claessens.


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