GitLab CI runners for non-Linux systems

Hi all,

tl;dr: Want to provide us with a GitLab CI runner for a non-Linux

There’s been a surge of interest recently, from various directions, in
getting GLib better tested on non-Linux architectures. This is great,
and we’ve got various people to thank for doing the thankless work of
porting and testing. Particularly:
 • macOS: Ryan Schmidt, Patrick Griffis, Michael Lauer, John Ralls
 • Windows/MinGW/MSYS2: LRN, Christoph Reiter, Xavier Claessens, Chun-
wei Fan
 • Android: Xavier Claessens
 • *BSD: Ting-Wei Lan

There’s a real risk of this all bitrotting, though, since the main GLib
developers only have regular access to Linux machines (and don’t have
the bandwidth or expertise to regularly test on other architectures).

The solution here is CI. Christoph Reiter has already got a Windows
MSYS2 CI runner set up on GitLab[1], which is producing helpful results
for GLib.

Can anybody else provide and maintain CI runners for other platforms?
I’d particularly like to see:
 • *BSD (probably OpenBSD and NetBSD)
 • macOS (ideally several versions, since we support from OS X 10.7
 • Android (probably a cross-build)
 • More Windows configurations (currently we have MSYS2 on Windows
Server 2012; ideally we’d have a MinGW-w64 runner too)

After the initial setup and porting work, I hope these wouldn’t require
much effort to maintain. The fast turnaround on testing GLib on non-
Linux platforms would help us ensure cross-platform compatibility
during development.



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