Re: being discontinued

On Thu, 2018-12-06 at 22:42 +0100, Andrea Veri wrote:
. Do you see any value in
keeping those URLs around even if they're historical and not relevant
since several years?

There's intertwined questions here...
* the old URLs should continue to resolve to useful resources, even if
they are not the resources [1]. Don't break links.
* the old project information may have historical value, and there may
well be people still using the old versions of the software. “Not
relavant” depends on context. But maybe they the files are accessible
* there's information about each of the projects on the main "ancient"
project-old cover page which is not duplicated on the newest pages;
it's probably out of date, but adding the information to the page
listing all the projects would surely be a large benefit.

So i'd say, wait until you hear from the engagement team about plans to
automate the list of projects (or whatever), and then put HTTP
redirects in place, or a script that tries to find the best match, or
redirect them all to a page that says they've gone away, says how to
find both the newest versions and maybe also suggests how to find the
old source code. Even that projects-old page wasn't complete in that it
dropped some gnome 1 projects, and the world didn't end :) so i'm not
saying keep everything around forever, and i'm glad you sent mail
asking for comments.  i've probably used more of your time than it's
worth, now :) thanks for replying.

Liam (ankh)

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