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On Wed, 2018-12-05 at 11:22 +0100, Andrea Veri wrote:

the projects-old website [1] was decided to be left around in 2013
right after transitioning projects pages to the GNOME's wiki
(projects.g.o is a vhost that contains a set of redirects since then)

i think you mean, right?

That seems to be a lot less complete, and also just has project names
and not explanations. So there's (out of date) information being lost.

There are also a lot of external links to the page, so you'll break a
lot of links (and, for what it's worth, hurt's search ranking
a little in the process). But this could be mitigated with an HTTP
redirect to a page telling people how to find what they might have

for a short period of time while the transition was happening. I
believe it's now a good time (after 5+ years!) to retire the former
website all together.

If it goes, it might be helpful to add short descriptions to, although that would mean a bunch of work of course.
The (current) wiki pages are not organized enough to make this a
question of easy scraping so maybe the answer is to automate something
that grabs the page title from the linked pages, and encourage project
maintaners to edit their wiki pages as needed?

On the other hand it's fun exploring the page to find out what things
are :)

The new page is much better overall, even without descriptions, because
of the division into categories.

Liam (irc::ankh)

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