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Hi Allan!

On Thu, Apr 5, 2018 at 8:19 AM Allan Day <aday gnome org> wrote:
Michael Hall <mhall119 gmail com> wrote:
> We have a project
> on GNOME's Gitlab, a Telegram channel, and have been trying to hold regular
> meetings on it.

This is all news to me... it would have been good to have heard about
the initiative sooner - I've been involved in quite a few discussions
about GNOME's developer documentation over the years, and have done a
fair amount of work on developer documentation design in the past [1]
(this came out of a meeting we had at GUADEC in 2016), including
creating a new prototype site last year.

I must have missed that one.  Thanks for providing a summary.  In any case, like everything it started off as a conversation and then others heard wind of it and were interested in the problem.  All this stemmed from my 5 minute rant at GUADEC on documentation.

It's been a pretty slow moving project.  Mostly we're just thinking about the problem and looking at what other people have done.  Only recently things have been moving more quickly and we wanted to make more concrete steps.

Have you spoken with any of the relevant maintainers, like Shaun
McCance, Frederic Peters, or David King? Christian Hergert's also done
some work around developer documentation...

That is the reason why we posted this in first place.  Also I frequently have observed that having some background on the problem and doing the research ahead of time  helps make conversations with SME's a lot more solid than approaching them cold because it's never sure if we were ever come out of the "talking about it" phase.  Most projects die before anything is even committed.

I've been talking with Christian on and off as my sounding board from time to time.  I know Christian has some ideas around developer documentation and its integration in Builder.  But he, like Emmanuele has also  mentioned the maturity of our toolchain as part of the documentation so you have an integrated product.

>>> using Django CMS and are working on getting an instance up
>>> and running
>> It would be helpful to have some more information about this.
> We chose this primarily because it was used by the Ubuntu Developer Portal
> in the past and we know it will work for the intended purpose. When I was
> working on the Ubuntu site we considered various other options, but Django
> CMS had the best combination of multi-language support, online editing,
> staged editing, content management and scalability. API documentation will
> be imported into Django (code for this was written for the Ubuntu portal
> already) to be integrated with the rest of the site. Content is stored in
> the Django database (it is a CMS after all). Contributors can be given login
> access to draft changes that an admin can publish.

Thanks for this. As someone who's active on the developer
documentation side, I would really appreciate it if there was a write
up of the goals for this project, along with what you have in mind for
the final product.

I think that is fair and we've made some initial write ups that we can formalize.  If it helps attract more people that would be beneficial.  Ideally, we would like a cross section of people across the project.

For me the important part of this effort is to make sure that it is integrated with the other efforts we've been doing like LAS and Flatpak.  Building momentum around flatpak and flathub and then not having a robust infrastructure for writing applications only opens us up for a competitor to take advantage of. (if a concept of a competitor really exists in this space)


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