Re: Application name strings consistency

Richard Hughes <hughsient gmail com> wrote:
But names also need to sufficiently identify the named item. Ending up
with 5 "Clocks" and 4 "Maps" in gnome-software isn't really the best user
I don't see that issue.
That's because I blacklist all the MATE and LXDE programs when running in GNOME.

What if someone wants to run a MATE or LXDE app under GNOME? I don't
see why we should stop them, and excluding these apps seems rather
arbitrary, particularly if it's because they don't look right somehow.

The question of how to handle apps with the same name isn't specific
to Software - identical apps also show up in the shell. The solution
isn't to change the name in one place and not another.

In my mind having some apps share the same name isn't a major issue if
we can use other information to differentiate them. One answer here is
to ensure that applications always have unique icons. (It seems really
odd to have four calculators, created by four different projects, all
using the same icon.) The other thing we can do in Software is think
about making the developer more prominent.


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