Application name strings consistency


Looking at the name the applications appear as both in Software and
the about dialogs, I spotted inconsistencies and I thought it would be
nice to fix that. Since we’re in string freeze, it’s too late to do it
for this cycle. We can however start discussing it and make a decision
regarding the correct way to do it.

Only picking a few to illustrate:
* Nautilus appears as Nautilus in Software, Files in about dialog

* Weather appears as Weather both in Software and in about dialog

* Terminal appears as Terminal in Software, GNOME Terminal in about dialog

* Maps appears as GNOME Maps in Software, Maps in about dialog
* Clocks appears as GNOME Clocks in Software, Clocks in about dialog
* Music appears as GNOME Music in Software, Music in about dialog
* Software appears as GNOME Software in Software, Software in about dialog

There may already be a guideline for this, I haven’t taken the time to
look it up. If it exists, it needs to be applied, maybe advertised as
well. If it doesn’t, it should probably be created.

Thoughts? Feedback?

Alexandre Franke
GNOME Hacker & Foundation Director

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