Re: Google Hangouts support

On Wed, 18 Oct 2017 at 11:42:40 +0300, pecisk gmail com wrote:
Is there any interest/desire to see Google Hangouts support in Empathy and
Telepathy? Or as Telepathy is on it's way out it is no interest?

Telepathy can't have Google Hangouts support unless someone
reverse-engineers the protocol (which is closed/proprietary, if I
understand correctly) well enough to write a "connection manager"
(protocol backend) for it. The design of Telepathy means that Empathy
would immediately get basic support for any protocol where a connection
manager exists; but writing that connection manager is a significant
amount of work.

The general migration of user-base from open protocols (XMPP, SIP)
to proprietary protocols with no good open-source implementation, but
broad enough browser support that nobody has a very compelling reason
to do the reverse-engineering and write one (Hangouts, Facebook Chat)
is a large part of why Telepathy is on the way out.

    smcv, former Telepathy maintainer

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