Re: Google Hangouts support

The general migration of user-base from open protocols (XMPP, SIP)
to proprietary protocols with no good open-source implementation, but
broad enough browser support that nobody has a very compelling reason
to do the reverse-engineering and write one (Hangouts, Facebook Chat)
is a large part of why Telepathy is on the way out.

I thought the biggest reason Telepathy stalled was Nokia stopped
funding the work at Collabora after they were acquired by Microsoft,
and there weren't enough non-Collabora people involved to keep the
project healthy. 

The explosion of mobile chat protocols was pretty discouraging, but
people are still writing reverse engineered chat protocol plugins for

Personally I think that Telepathy's architecture of putting the
connection manager in a separate process is a good design choice.

There is some development happening over at:

Though we could really use more people being involved.


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