Re: GitHub mirror creates contribution problems

On Tue, 2017-09-05 at 13:12 +0200, Bastien Nocera wrote:

As expected the GitHub mirror might be costing us some contributions
rather than attracting more:
- none of the projects repositories mention that the mirrors are
- the READMEs don't mention that they're mirrors either, or point to
the upstream code, Bugzilla or code contributions
- none of the project pages on the Wiki mention that the GitHub repos
are mirrors
- the PR getting closed means that the contribution won't even be
looked at, after the person's figured out how to try and contribute
the repository

From a discussion with a colleague who tried to upstream a fix:
I could not find instructions how to submit a patch, but the Github
repository had pull requests enabled, so I submitted a fix there:

Then [the automatic closure] happened:

At this point, I moved on to more productive things.

We really need a way to disable PRs, or disable the mirror.

At the *very least*, and that would need to happen yesterday, we need
PR template mentioning that PRs will be closed, and the repository
descriptions mentioning that the repositories are mirrors.

I'm now getting comments on commits which are really bug reports, like
this one:

Do we have any control over what's allowed on our mirrors, or do we
need to accept this as yet another source of bug reports, like forums,
blog post comments and Twitter/Facebook/Google+ questions?

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