Librsvg 2.40.19 is released

Hi, everyone,

I have just released librsvg 2.40.19.  This is the version without Rust
code.  This has some new bugfixes, and some backported fixes from the
development branch.

You can get librsvg 2.40.19 here:

SHA256 checksums:

61051e5ccd5f4b2c154653598bdda8f945d106374ae7bc9a8569d0a9e41a3780  librsvg-2.40.19.changes
612b4d8b8609036f5d899be3fe70d9866b5f6ac5c971154c1c0ef7242216c1f7  librsvg-2.40.19.tar.xz

What's new in this release?

- bgo#621088: Using text objects as clipping paths is now supported.
- bgo#587721: Fix rendering of text elements with transformations (Massimo).
- bgo#777833 - Fix memory leaks when an RsvgHandle is disposed before
  being closed (Philip Withnall).
- bgo#782098 - Don't pass deprecated options to gtk-doc (Ting-Wei Lan).
- bgo#786372 - Fix the default for the "type" attribute of the <style> element.
- bgo#785276 - Don't crash on single-byte files.
- bgo#634514: Don't render unknown elements and their sub-elements.
- bgo#777155 - Ignore patterns that have close-to-zero dimensions.
- bgo#634324 - Fix Gaussian blurs with negative scaling.
- Fix the <switch> element; it wasn't working at all.
- Fix loading when rsvg_handle_write() is called one byte at a time.
- bgo#787895 - Fix incorrect usage of libxml2.  Thanks to Nick Wellnhofer
  for advice on this.
- Backported the test suite machinery from the master branch (Chun-wei Fan,
  Federico Mena).
- We now require Pango 1.38.0 or later (released in 2015).
- We now require libxml2 2.9.0 or later (released in 2012).



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