Re: GitHub mirror creates contribution problems

Am 05.09.2017 um 16:15 schrieb Simon McVittie:
The "default branch" on GitHub (equivalent to foo.git/HEAD in simpler
git setups) doesn't *have* to be 'master'. My semi-official GitHub mirror of
the reference implementation of D-Bus has its default branch set to
'github-placeholder', which just has a; the master branch
contains the same code as the official master branch on
Unfortunately the GitHub search only searches the default branch, though.
Personally I use GitHub mirrors of GNOME projects all the time to search through the code without the need to constantly check out whole repos. is pretty much useless for that purpose. Your suggested approach makes the GitHub mirror pretty useless for that purpose, too (not your fault but GitHub seems reluctant to change this, so it might be the best one can hope for in the near future...).

Why don't you set the description of the GitHub repos accordingly (mention it's a mirror and where the main repo / bug tracker is)? This should even be possible to automate via GitHub's API:


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