Re: Relicensing Nautilus to GPLv3+

On 18/05/17 18:22, Carlos Soriano via desktop-devel-list wrote:

After asking some authors of the current code that we have as GPL3+ inside 
nautilus, and pondering for a while, I realized the practicity of moving away 
from that code or convince those authors to relicense as GPL2+ is more a burden 
than the real benefit.

The only problem that arises if Nautilus becomes GPL3+ as per yesteday 
discussion in IRC at #gnome-hackers is that extensions that are GPL2-only cannot 
be used anymore.
Keep in mind GPL2+ are fine.

Said this, I took a look at extensions which are not retired from distros and 
that have seen a release in at least the last 3 years. So far they are:
nautilus-dropbox - GPL3+
nautilus-image-converter - GPL2+
nautilus-pastebin - GPL2+
nautilus-python - GPL2+
nautilus-search-tool - GPL2+
nautilus-sendto - GPL2+
nautilus-terminal - GPL2+

Which is completely fine.

As someone already mentioned, if any of those extensions links to a
non-GPL3-compatible library, then they won't be compatible with a GPL3+
nautilus. In other words, extensions are now forbidden from linking to
GPL2-but-not-GPL3-compatible libraries. I don't know whether there are any
examples of extensions that do this. Just thought I'd point this out so the
final decision is an informed one.


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