Re: Relicensing Nautilus to GPLv3+

Ah good catch, thanks!

The copyright is holded by only one person, so he can freely change it the plugin is still maintained.

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> The only problem that arises if Nautilus becomes GPL3+ as per yesteday
> discussion in IRC at #gnome-hackers is that extensions that are GPL2-only
> cannot be used anymore.
> Keep in mind GPL2+ are fine.
> Said this, I took a look at extensions which are not retired from distros
> and that have seen a release in at least the last 3 years. So far they are:
> nautilus-dropbox - GPL3+
> nautilus-image-converter - GPL2+
> nautilus-pastebin - GPL2+
> nautilus-python - GPL2+
> nautilus-search-tool - GPL2+
> nautilus-sendto - GPL2+
> nautilus-terminal - GPL2+

I found the tortoise-hg plugin in the Debian archive, which seems to
be GPL2 only

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