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Hello Hubert,

2- what are the migration plans for bugzilla: bugzilla URL, bug
numbers and the actual content
In the wiki we outline what our plans are. However this is a moving
target based on the input we receive here.
We have to find a balance between how much reasonable effort would
one way to migrate or the other vs the benefits. Also, different
projects might have different needs for migration.

From the migration plan in the wiki:

    "Our contention is that copying/moving every existing GNOME issue to
    a new issue tracker is impractical and, in many situations,

May you expand in which many situations is undesirable?

I can foresee unmaintained projects, but I clearly am missing more

For (semi-)maintained projects bugzilla is a database of "wisdom",
which is practical to find duplicated reports, for example, repetitive
bugs, and more importantly, the rationale behind WONTFIX issues because
of design decisions.

Does the plan consider a tool like bugzilla2gitlab, but removing the
part that copy the accounts?

Germán Poo-Caamaño

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