Paperwork : a personal document manager (scanned and PDFs)


(sorry if it's not the correct mailing-list for this kind of discussions)

On Github, someone told me that there is someone else in the Gnome
design team working on mockups for a new document manager / scan
application[1][2]. It looks quite similar to an application I've been
working on for a while: Paperwork.

A while ago, I sent a mail to gnome-list@ regarding this
application[3]. Unfortunately, I didn't get any response (wrong
mailing-list ?). I still believe this application could be a good fit
for Gnome and I think it would be sad to have same work done twice so
here I am again :-)

Assuming this is actually a good fit for Gnome, I'm not sure where to
start either. Any indications would be welcome.

Best regards,


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