Re: Hosting Paperwork on

Hosting Paperwork on looks like a good first step.

If that's ok with everybody here, I'm going to start the discussion on Paperwork's side. I will ask whether 
Paperwork's contributors would agree to switch to (I doubt there will be any objection).

2 mai 2017 14:12 "Sébastien Wilmet" <swilmet gnome org> a écrit:

On Mon, May 01, 2017 at 02:51:42PM +0200, Jerome Flesch wrote:

Assuming this is actually a good fit for Gnome, I'm not sure where to
start either. Any indications would be welcome.

Paperwork is at least a good fit for hosting it on Some
projects are hosted on without being part of GNOME core. I
think this would be a good first step.

It's a bit old, but it's still mostly relevant, and this might convince

Once a project is hosted on, if you ask the sysadmins it's
possible to still use GitHub pull requests to handle contributions
(instead of having patches on bugzilla, IMHO the only ugly thing about
hosting a project on

Once Paperwork is hosted on, the release team could discuss
whether to add it e.g. in the "Extra apps" category, or even in the
"Core apps" if everyone agree that it would be nice that distros install
it by default. See this recent blog post for the different categories
and examples of apps in each category:

But even if Papework is just hosted on without being
officially part of GNOME, this would bring your project more visibility
I think. And a nice side-effect is that it'll be easier for you to
contribute to other GNOME modules if you want, because you'll already
have all the necessary accounts, permissions etc.

To host a new project on, all the information should be there:


From a technical point of view, I don't know if it's already the case,
but it would be nice to have a library with the features that Paperwork
provides, so if one day Simple Scan or Documents want to use some
features of Papework, it would be easily possible thanks to the library.


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