Re: Thoughs about communication


At Igalia we're currently evaluating a switch from XMPP to Matrix.
We're quite pleased with Matrix relative to both XMPP and IRC. Although
many Matrix clients are not very great, we find the Riot web client is
good and improving quickly; we have a dumb GTK+ 3 wrapper app for it
that many of us use. (I use a GNOME web app. ;)

We need to recognize that a large amount of developers will continue to
wish to access GIMPNet with an IRC client. But bridging solves that
problem nicely. Igalia's Matrix server already has its own IRC bridge
to GIMPNet that works quite well, though it's not public.

On Fri, 2017-01-13 at 10:47 +0000, Allan Day wrote:
 - doesn't really track identity; nicks clash, people get renamed,

This is a very important one. At the risk of giving anyone ideas, you
can log onto IRC with my nick because I don't know how to make NickServ
work with Empathy; last I tried, it sent me a private chat asking me to
 type my password every time I tried to log on, so I unregistered
myself because that was flatly ridiculous. Security has to be built-in, 
not an annoyance. Simply bridging our existing IRC network to Matrix
cannot fix this major problem. (And no, I will not consider switching
to a non-Empathy client, because your suggested alternative either
doesn't integrate well with GNOME, or can't handle XMPP, which I still


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