Re: Thoughs about communication

Alberto Fanjul Alonso <albertofanjul gmail com> wrote:
Do anybody though about trying new services for communication? 

  - Rocket.Chat
  - Mattermost

pros/cons irc:

- can be accesed through command line
- is widespread
- integrated in gnome environment (bots, bugzilla)
- syntax highlight
- multimedia

IRC is lacking in almost all respects. Some of the main issues:

 - no built-in logging, server-side assistance for search
 - doesn't really track identity; nicks clash, people get renamed, etc
 - inaccurate tracking of online/offline status

Yes you can get around some of these things, using a bouncer or IRCCloud, but that's not ideal. We've also done our best to improve the experience in our own IRC client, Polari, but there's only so far you can take it on the client side.

IRCv3 is aiming to improve the protocol/server situation but there's a long way to go.


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