Re: Help building Gstreamer 1.10

On 2/11/17, Sebastian Geiger (Lanoxx) <lanoxx gmx net> wrote:
thanks for the quick answer, unfortunately make uninstall did not
resolve the issue. When I searched for files with gstreamer in their
name or path I still found a lot of files. In the end I removed several
header files and so files related to gstreamer and that solved the issue.

Could this be related to the autotools build setup? Is there a way to
fix it?

Glad you fixed it. Yes, it's probably a problem in the Autotools
instructions, perhaps two problems. One that GStreamer's `make
uninstall` target doesn't remove everything, and one in the
GI/Autotools integration. Autotools is a pretty hairy codebase, so
while a fix would be welcome, make sure you don't get eaten by dragons
along th way :-)

GStreamer have now added Meson build instructions, but sadly they
can't really enabled by default in jhbuild yet:


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