Re: Enabling builddir != srcdir by default in jhbuild


On 6 June 2016 at 12:23, Bastien Nocera <hadess hadess net> wrote:

The "srcdir != builddir" implemented in jhbuild isn't the same one as
the one implemented in Continuous[1].

I know, that's why I wrote:

The main change is that jhbuild runs the autogen script from within
the build directory, instead of running it into the source directory
and then running the configure script from the build directory.

Continuous does:

  $(srcdir): NOCONFIGURE=1 ./
  $(builddir): $(srcdir)/configure $(arguments)
  $(builddir): make

whereas jhbuild (and most of our build instructions) let the script call the configure script directly.

Which is a bit of a shame when the jhbuild implementation was done to
avoid continuous breaking. And that might also have explained a number
of the breakages you've found.

In general, needs to cope with non-srcdir invocation
because the usual way to build with jhbuild is not. A large number of
GNOME modules, including the ones still using,
support this out of the box. The breakages I've seen mostly come from
copy-pasting from other (older) sources, or incomplete
attempts to support non-srcdir builds.


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