Re: Continuous Builds in GNOME

Hey Milan,

| The proposal about random reverts makes me feel that you want to flip
| the positions. While I agree that the maintainers point of view is
| broken, the position flip just means (for me): "the GNOME
| infrastructure/jhbuild environment is the only good build environment
| and if the maintainer breaks it, then the GNOME infrastructure team can
| punish the maintainer if it needs to". Do you see how absurd it sounds?

I see what you meant, but I think you are looking at it with "bad eyes". It is not punishment, is just that 
should be a requirement that the master branch is buildable on continuous and jhbuild, and the only way to do 
so it's reverting the breaking change.
In the meantime the maintainer can do whatever he wants in a branch and wait until the he/she figures out the 
build problem before merging to master again.

| The breakage should be dealt with in a cooperation manner, rather than
| in a force manner. Of course, if the maintainer is not willing to
| cooperate..., but I hope that's only a minority of the GNOME-hosted

Indeed, and I think Emmanuelle acts in the right way, trying to reach the maintainer, and if he/she is not 
available, just reverting with a commit message explaining the reason or fixing it temporarily so everyone 
can still build the module.

I think this is more about that bad feeling of someone else not involved in the module touching "our" project 
without even asking to us the maintainers, and I also have that feeling, however I think it's more important 
that everyone can build our modules. Otherwise we are going to make worse the already difficult experience of 
building GNOME.

Carlos Soriano

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