Re: Pull request template for github mirror

On Fri, 2016-02-26 at 23:30 +0000, Alberto Ruiz wrote:
These contributions (there's about 200 pull requests, see link below)
would likely not have happened if we didn't have a presence in
Github. Shutting down the mirror would simply stop that energy.

I think it would be good to check the numbers in more detail.

The github mirror had been officially announced on 2013-08-15. Since
them there had been created 515 pull requests (I modified your search
query on the github) [1].

Then I tried to query GNOME bugzilla for bugs with not-obsolete patches
whose status changed after 2013-08-15 [2]. The first run stopped at
500, the second run at 10000 bugs. It can be that some patches got
changed status while they had been contributed before the github mirror
announcement, thus the numbers might not be accurate, but I believe
they are quite close.

And now, if I count properly, those 515 pull requests represent 5.15%
of the GNOME contribution for the past ~2.5 year.

I tried to query also for committed patches only [3] in the GNOME
bugzilla, which returned 8199 bugs, which is around 6.28% of the
contribution to the GNOME projects (not only sources).

I do not want to judge whether it's too low or not. It depends on
several things and on the point of view. I only wanted to have some
comparable numbers (which I hope I managed to get from the bugzilla).

In my case, I found, thanks to your link, some pull requests in the
github for the projects I take care of, and they were like this:
 - one correct - committed to sources
 - one incorrect - I sent an email to the creator (no github
   account here)
 - two for README files, which I both "rejected", but fixed it in
   the sources in a better way
 - one obsolete - I do not know why it is still opened
 - one for translation - out of my hands, translations are treated
   very differently from the sources
 - one semi-pending - its author found the right place to contribute
   and made more extensive changes directly through the GNOME bugzilla
   already, which I appreciate

As I work with raw patches usually (I just got use to it after all the
years) the github web UI is very confusing for me and I didn't find a
way to convert the pull request into the patch. I asked a co-worker
whom has a github account for a help and he also didn't find it, but he
knew a trick and told me about it - it didn't involve any click-able
way on the github pages to get to the patch, sadly. Maybe my workflow
is just too different from that supported by the github, or vice versa.

That's just it. No judgement from my side, but also do not expect me to
regularly check github mirrors for any pull requests, rather expect bad
experience from the possible contributors of the projects I maintain.
Being it on me, I'd rather drop those projects from the github and let
them use the only right place for the contribution, the GNOME




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