Re: Pulse audio Jack detect

On Tue, 2015-09-15 at 15:18 +0200, Bart Mariën wrote:
Thanks for your response.
I've tested this on windows. After installing the 280Mbyte audio
driver, the behavior is actually the same. (without the driver
microphone input doesn't even work)
A window pops up asking the user what type of device was connected.
See attachment.

Right. That will at least be useful as a datapoint (eg. we know that it
doesn't work automatically on this hardware, and we know how it behaves
on Windows).

If we read the documentation that i linked in the previous mail, the
writer actually already says that this behavior is limited to
specific hardware(Dell with realtek).

I doubt that David has access to all the hardware, and all the specs
necessary to assert that no other hardware can do that automatically ;)

In any case, I filed this bug:

And we'll need to discuss with the designers how we would integrate all


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