Re: Pulse audio Jack detect

Hey Bart,

On Tue, 2015-09-15 at 08:46 +0200, Bart Mariën wrote:

Hi all,

We are a non profit. We use debian/gnome for a dedicated distance
learning tool. 
We have about 600 units installed. Have a look on our website, it's
actually pretty cool what we do :)

The learning tool is basically a customized video conferencing app.

We heavily rely on Pulse audio to configure audio devices . In our
current setup we get quite some support related to configurations of
audio devices that use a combined mini-jack for microphone and
headphone. Especially new laptops nowadays have one combined port
instead of two separate.

What we have found is we can configure pulse audio to automatically
select newly connected devices, which works great. However, pulse
audio jack-detect cannot determine if the newly connected device is a
microphone, headphone or combined device.  So if a user for example
wants to use external speakers and the built in microphone, the
moment the speakers are connected, pulseaudio will reconfigure
speaker and microphone. Which is wrong ...

Canonical has built a tool which will prompt the user the to select
which device he/she connected. Have a look here: http://voices.canoni

We have a developer that can port this to gnome . For us this would
mean decreased support request, and improved user experience.

Would the gnome project be interested in this development? Can we
push our changes upstream? Do we need to coordinate efforts?

Have you verified that, in your case, that those machine's firmwares
and/or drivers cannot be fixed? Have you verified whether Windows can
detect the type of device you're plugging in, and if not, how this is
handled in Windows?

I'm very wary of working around broken hardware in such a user-visible,
and disturbing way. Once we've assessed whether it's actually
necessary, we can discuss where and how we can do the integration.


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