Librsvg 2.40.11 is released

Dear lovers of Windows,

(Yes, really!)

I've just released librsvg version 2.40.11.  Librsvg is a library to
render SVG pictures into millions of colorful pixels, i.e. an SVG
rendering library.  You know how an unicorn eats grass and excretes
colored rainbows?  Librsvg is like that unicorn, if grass is SVG and
rainbows are pixels.

Librsvg 2.40.11 is available here:

SHA256 checksums:


What's new in this release?

- Chun-wei Fan made it possible to build librsvg on Visual Studio, so
kudos for that! (bgo#753555)

- rsvg-convert(1) got an "--export-id" option.  This lets you render a
subset of an SVG file if you know the id of the object you want to
export.  This only works semi-well for PNG output right now; for
"proper" SVG output we'd need to change the way we output SVG (we input
it just fine; we just have trouble excreting it without digestion.  But



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