Re: GTK-Doc and CMake

Hi sam,

On 10/07/2015 05:26 PM, Sam Thursfield wrote:

I've been porting a project that uses GTK-Doc to use CMake as its build
system (it previously used GNU Autotools). I discovered that GTK-Doc and
CMake don't really integrate with each other as is.

A few projects seem to have solved this in their own way. So far I've


Of these 3, the CMake modules that come with Firtree look like the most
re-usable, so I've had a go at turning them into a module that could
ship upstream with CMake or GTK-Doc.

That's currently here:

Is anyone else using CMake with GTK-Doc already? If so, let me know if
it's useful for you, or if there's a better FindGtkDoc.cmake macro
somewhere which I've missed. Review and testing is also welcome.

I plan to maintain this somewhere. Is there any interest in shipping
this CMake macro with GTK-Doc? I imagine it can be added to the huge
collection of Findxx.cmake modules that CMake ships if not.


I've been only useing cmake to build projects that happen to use it
already. Whats the convention for distribution the macro. I don't mind
to ship that with gtk-doc. So if you can file a bug with a patch that
would install the macro so that projects would pick it up from there,
that'd be great. Also if you could add a section in the docs for it,
that be even greater.


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