GTK-Doc and CMake


I've been porting a project that uses GTK-Doc to use CMake as its build
system (it previously used GNU Autotools). I discovered that GTK-Doc and
CMake don't really integrate with each other as is.

A few projects seem to have solved this in their own way. So far I've


Of these 3, the CMake modules that come with Firtree look like the most
re-usable, so I've had a go at turning them into a module that could
ship upstream with CMake or GTK-Doc.

That's currently here:

Is anyone else using CMake with GTK-Doc already? If so, let me know if
it's useful for you, or if there's a better FindGtkDoc.cmake macro
somewhere which I've missed. Review and testing is also welcome.

I plan to maintain this somewhere. Is there any interest in shipping
this CMake macro with GTK-Doc? I imagine it can be added to the huge
collection of Findxx.cmake modules that CMake ships if not.


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