Re: Clone of 2048 for Gnome


On Mon, Jan 5, 2015 at 8:01 AM, Yosef Or Boczko <yoseforb gnome org> wrote:
> E.g., I think it is not right for the scoreboard to be a tiny GtkLabel > in the header bar.

Putting the score in the header bar is actually pretty typical for us. I would prepend "Score: " to the label, and take advantage of GtkLabel's markup capabilities to make that portion of the label bold, like in Five or More.

Remember also that GNOME is all-caps, but we don't usually use GNOME in the title of the apps that we display to the user, except in the appdata file (so that it's distinguished from other 2048 games in the software center). E.g. if you start GNOME Chess, the display name is simply Chess.
> Also, I'm thinking of eventually proposing gnome-2048 to be a Gnome > module. I have received positive feedback in games-list on this kind > of > game, it is in the scope of the Gnome games 'bundle'. Right now I have > not yet made an official release, and I have not packaged it for any > distro. However, I wonder what are the chances of this game to be > hosted > in and take advantage of Gnome's infrastructure.

You can actually move it to yourself, since you have a GNOME account, following these steps:

The project prerequisites page says you should have one public release already. That rule is a little stricter than I think is applied in practice. At the latest, I would move the project to immediately before you make the first public release (which you would handle just as you did for Dictionary).

Getting it into the official gnome-apps moduleset (which should be your goal, probably for 3.18) requires permission from the release team. I wouldn't worry about this too much, but I'd rather wait until you've polished up the game a bit more before requesting this.


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