Proposal for Module libical-glib

Hi all,

I am a student in GSoC 2014 with GNOME. My task in GSoC is to introspect the libical for evolution-data-server. Since libical is a popular iCalendar library and my mentors and I think that maybe other projects will also use it, we decide to create a standalone project to do this task, which is libical-glib. After several months of effort, it is here and the proposal is as below:

Purpose: libical-glib is an iCalendar library based on libical and introspectable by GObject Introspection.

Target: Developer tools.

Dependencies: No new external dependencies will be introduced.

Resource usage: GNOME FTP, GNOME git and GNOME bugzilla.

Adoption: The Evolution-Data-Server will use this library to replace the non-introspectable libical.

GNOME-ness, community: Very happy and willing to work with other teams if necessary.

3.0 readiness:

The goal of libical-glib is to improve the support for GObject Introspection for any project which uses libical. It is initiated as a GSoC project to solve the issue that the APIs in Evolution-Data-Server are non-introspectable due to the dependencies on libical. Required by the completeness of a library and to benefit more projects in GNOME, we determine to make it a stand-alone project. It fits one of the focuses-streamlining of the platform very well.

Licence: GNU Lesser General Public License.

Miscellaneous: None.

I don't know whether I can include the attachment for the mailing list, so if you want to see the code, you can find it here:

Thank you very much.



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