Re: Clone of 2048 for Gnome


Nice game!
For the colors, it hard to see the white numbers on the yellow tiles.

Also, the game got crash when I come to 4096...

Yosef Or Boczko

בתאריך ב', ינו 5, 2015 בשעה 2:29 PM, Juan R. García Blanco <juanrgar gmail com> כתב:
Hi all!

You may have already read this, sorry; but I'm seeking for a greater
audience :) I have just finished a first version of a 2048 for Gnome. It
uses only Gnome technologies, namely Gtk+, Clutter, Vala. You can read
the announcement in the games-list here [0], and the announcement on my
personal blog with a pair of screenshots [1].

I'm very aware that there is a lot of work to be done in several fronts.
Right now, I'm looking specifically for some advice on the UI part.
E.g., I think it is not right for the scoreboard to be a tiny GtkLabel
in the header bar. The colors I've chosen for the tiles are all from the
Tango palette; however, I may have been not so right in choosing them
for the different tile values. Anyway, needless to say, any comments,
suggestions, advice, patches would be very much appreciated.

Also, I'm thinking of eventually proposing gnome-2048 to be a Gnome
module. I have received positive feedback in games-list on this kind of
game, it is in the scope of the Gnome games 'bundle'. Right now I have
not yet made an official release, and I have not packaged it for any
distro. However, I wonder what are the chances of this game to be hosted
in and take advantage of Gnome's infrastructure.

Thank you for your really kind support on and the mailing
lists :)

Best regards,


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