Re: Anyone going to be using ConsoleKit for 3.16 ?

Hi again,

Okay so there's a pretty good middle ground we can come up with here.
I'll leave the --with-console-kit argument in configure, but if it
gets used, then
I'll error out and point to the wiki page mclasen suggests in another message.
So I started a wiki page here:

It probably needs to be fleshed out more.  I haven't dropped the
ConsoleKit support from GDM yet, but I did add the message and change
configure to default with ConsoleKit off.

I'll excise the code of ConsoleKit and provide the reversion patches
before 3.15.91.  I'm holding off for now since a bunch of changes went
in for 3.15.90 and I want to make sure that things are settled down a
little before generating patches (so they don't go stale right out of
the gate)

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