Re: Canonical jhbuild documentation

Sriram Ramkrishna <sri ramkrishna me> wrote:
I think though, as someone else further in the thread said, we want to
make a distinction between 'quick start' and the manual.

I honestly don't see why the manual can't contain a quick start
section - we do this in other documentation without issue.

Again: the manual ranks highly in search results for "jhbuild", and
attracts attention as, well, the JHBuild documentation. For newcomers
it is at best a dead end, and at worst misleading. So in my opinion,
something really needs to be done about the manual.

So, let's try to get something actionable.

Fred and Carlos are already doing something actionable - they've put
time and energy into integrating the BuildGnome page into the JHBuild
manual, and converting it to Mallard.

 Do folks agree that we
should have two pieces - the manual and the quick start where the
quickstart is the BuildGnome documentation maintained by Carlos and
the JHBuild manual supported by the community.

Personally, no, I don't agree (as explained above). But really, it's
up to the people doing the work.


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