Canonical jhbuild documentation

Problem: we have many pages on jhbuild documentation

We want to eliminate all of this and have

There seems to be some objections to removing some of the more
in-depth jhbuild documentation.  I think overall this is a little
confusing, they are also unmaintained.  BuildGnome is maintained and
also has been converted to Mallard.

I would like to propose that BuildGnome be the canonical documentation
for people trying to setup a build.   Any other documentation should
be retired and/or should be merged into the jhbuild main line
documentation for advanced users.  If people want, they can put in
recipes or links to other documentation.  For instance, for Arch
Linux, the arch wiki has a jhbuild reference on how to get it going.

I would like to start removing the confusion when trying to create
jhbuild.  An easy experience for newcomers mean a better likelihood of
casual volunteers being able to come in and start working on at least
the simple stuff.

So Proposal is:

is the only documentation on, the rest gets retired and
merged into jhbuild documentation.


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