Re: GNOME Music needs you!

On Saturday, 26 December 2015 14:43:22 GMT, Vadim Rutkovsky wrote:
* There's no way to shuffle through my w library. This is almost
always how I use Rhythmbox, so I won't switch to GNOME Music until that's possible.
  I wrote a quick patch to add an All Music playlist, but I can't test it
  because of

IIRC the intended way is to switch to Songs view, start playing any song and change play mode to Shuffle.

This is how I've been using Music the whole time (no need for any patches), seems to work fine for me. The only thing that drives me crazy, is that this is supposed to be a music player, yet rather than indexing my music collection in ~/Music, it has chosen to index every single audio file it can find anywhere in my home directory. Which means when I shuffle all songs, it keeps playing random audio files that are not part of my collection, and are not songs at all.

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