Re: A dock

On 04.04.15 23:41, Sébastien D. wrote:
To give you a background : I'm a web developer, using Gentoo. I was
using KDE 4, but I give Gnome 3.14 a shot and I liked what I saw :
"kiss", no configuration needed, I can actually focus on my work, not
on my workspace. But I still struggle to switch between apps. Maybe
I'm not an average user, as I need a lot of context switching
(browser <-> text editor <-> console). But I still think this area of
Gnome could be improved. On other desktops, I can do this on
"autopilot mode", but it's not so easy with Gnome (more clicks/key
presses/"brain power" needed).

The dock may not be the perfect solution, but it's more of a global
feedback I wanted to share about that.
Hey, I have the same feelings, and I found TaskBar extension extremely useful in this case:

Gnome Shell is really cool as well as Firefox because of tons of extensions to customize your desktop experience. Hope it'll help you.

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