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On 4 April 2015 at 20:37, alex diavatis <alexis diavatis gmail com> wrote:

While I think we can discuss whether the presence of a dock could
ensure gaining users, I also don't think GNOME needs to "win back"
users in the first place.

What that's supposed to mean? GNOME doesn't need to get users back?

I'd object to the point of getting "users back" until I see a metric
that gives me the number of a) Linux users and b) GNOME users before
and after any imaginary point in time (usually people that say "get
users back" use the 3.0 release, missing the larger point of "when
Ubuntu switched to Unity" one), but I'll just say: getting users back
from what? Why do we need to convert the small pool of Linux users,
when a larger pool of non-Linux users exists to be tapped?

In any case, my main issue was the argument that a dock is not going
to be a point of contention when a person decides whether or not to
use GNOME.


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