How to set up to use different .gconf for different platforms


I have a system where I can log into my home directory server and
connect to different gnome desktop VMs running on gnome 2 on CentOS 6.

The issue I have at the moment is that different gnome desktop VM has
different panel icons setting in ~/home/.gconf/apps/panel. At the
moment, I have a nasty implementation to fix it  which I created
different hostname .gconf, such as ~/gnomedesktovm1.gconf,
~/gnomedesktopvm2.gconf ...,  then make a symbolic line ~/.gconf to
the ~/gnomedesktopvm*.gconf accordingly. It works, but I never like

I've been thinking of fixing it properly, one solution could be using
gnome.desktop and set up Exec=gnome-session according to different
hostname of the VMs, but I am not sure it is good place to fix it.

Appreciate your advice and tips of how to fix this issue properly.

Thank you.

Kind regards,


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